Yes i have also played Warcraft .....and I also have the same problem i also want to know dat can we use our external hard drives in order to run the games!!!!!!! ?>??????? :S

Yea I went there and they said a bunch of stuff similar to what I'm going through but not exactly and it won't let me post anything at all. So I can't be specific with my problem which is still about it saying "Cannot create temporary data folders" after I finish downloading a 4.76GB patch which I hope isn't actually downloading and I say that because after I downloaded it the first time it now just skims right through the download at like 16mb/sec although when I check the connection info it says the download rate is at 0mb/sec so I'm hoping because I downloaded it before that idk its just refreshing itself (or something like that). Anyway still if anyone has any idea what could be the cause for this I'm all ears for any ideas (bad ones too). Please and Thank You

Ok wait I just finished downloading it again and it popped up again so heres what it exactly says:
Title: Blizzard Updater
Sub-Title: Sorry, the intaller was unable to start up."
Message: The folder "<temporary data>" could not be created.

thats all it says and I've tried moving my installer into the WoW folder in my iPods hardrive (which by the way what this is all about getting WoW run off my iPod acting as an external hardrive). Also I don't remember mentioning this but I don't use the discs to install the game but instead download it from the WoW site and I have the installer saved so I thought moving the install to the iPod would solve the problem but nope. Oh yea I did use the disc for the WotLK installation. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times now and nothing and YES I did install on my external hardrvie (being my iPod 30gb). So again if anyone has any idea about what to do I would be VERY VERY VERY happy. Haven't played WOW in about 3 weeks now :( my game time is running out!

giving that this is such an old thread ,and a lot of helpers stay away from old threads ,I suggest you start a new one of your own in the software section maybe .

Alright will do thanks

Oh no I just tried but I don't have permision to start a new thread

ive been thinking about geting a portable hard drive but can you put games like sims2 and sims3 on them and do they really work

No go can't make new threads

No go can't make new threads

makes no sence ,you must be on the s-it list ,lol


yes it will run on an external harddrive. to install on one: installer
2.when given the option of standard or custom install choose custom
3.change installation location to ext. HDD
4.install game

hope this helps

The last post is in last year try not to revive dead thread, hughesj. But nice info above!

You should be able to run anything without problems, if previously when installing ya chose the right hard drive for the app to install to, in this case the external hard drive.
USB version number might strongly affect the gameplay tho, so look out for a 3.0 - both ways, on the hard drive, and check if the laptop has it. With a 40 Gb internal hard drive, it would be surprising if it had a 2.0...

commented: What the hell are you doing? -2

Can you copy and paste a game file onto the external hard drive. If so will it work or will it com up with an error.

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