Hi, Im new here, so Im not sure if this is the place that I post my problem. Its just that I didnt see a post button anywhere else?
However, My problem is my keyboard. When I hit the letters U,E,R,D,F, and M they immediately open up windows to another function, example E-my computer/ R-"run" window prompt. U- "utility manager" etc, etc.
In the utility manager I turned everything off, the sticky keys function I turned off.....I tried changing keyboareds....nothing.
can anyone help?


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Hi Jane- wlecome to DaniWeb :)

Your problem appears to be a stuck "Win" key- the key with the Windows logo on it. The actions you described are those actuated by pressing the Win key in conjunction with the letters you listed.


thanks so much for that. I pulled off that win key and found the kids breakfast in there and roundabout.
It seems to have correctly MOST of the problem except for the U key. When I hit that key the Utility window comes up still???


That is strange; either the Win key is stuck, or it isn't.
In order to better isolate the problem, try another (known-to-be-working ) keyboard and see what effect that has.

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