Hi guys,
Have my Toshiba just over a year now (so of course it's JUST out of warranty), and now when i power up, I have no screen. Hard drive is present and accessible (removed and accessed to see if was corrupted, which it isn't) and when I connect it to my TV via HDMI, i get 'no media input' on my TV. Could this be a graphics card issue or something? would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

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I would suspect a problem with your HDMI gear. If your system is JUST out of warranty, bitch loudly to Toshiba. They will probably fix it gratis in order to keep a customer. Threaten them that you will NEVER purchase another Toshiba device if they don't fix it...

@rubberman Thanks for your response. By just out, I mean it was purchased in September last year, would they still be inclined to fix with such a threat? Could you elaborate on HDMI gear?

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