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Please correspond at this question. Do you have led monitors and why?

All of my monitors are now LCD monitors. The backing light can be fluorescent (older tech - more common) or LED (newer, becoming much more mainstream). So, what did you mean by LED monitors? FWIW, LED backing lights are much more efficient and long-lasting, in theory at least.

My current monitor is LED because it's more efficient and also mainly because that's what all monitors seem to be these days. My old westinghouse started to fail, it was not LED, and I had to buy a new one. Despite the fact that my new 24" Asus ProArt is suppose to have some of the best color reproduction, I feel my older westinghouse had a better and brighter image.

Yes, most new monitors seem to be going to LEDs. I have 2 Dell monitors, one a few years older than the other. I think one is fluorescent and the other LED, but I'm not 100% sure. It is difficult to get them close in color balance... :-) Works ok though. They are 24" 1920x1200 displays.