Having a problem with sound. Actually, am not getting any sound at all. When i try inserting my speakers or headphones am only getting static and absolutely no sound. Have a Intel 845GVAD2 M/B with integrated sound using SigmaTel Audio Codecs. Any help would be appreciated as this is driving me mad!!!:sad:

Find a driver for you sound cards on the internet. Just do search
driver on the internet. If still does not work take to the nearest store



I have PC with 1.7 Ghz, and Intel 845GVAD2 M/B. I face problems of not detecting hard drive, cd room, and LAN card. Such problems occur daily and I cure them by pluging/unpluging the device and cables.

  • I want to confirm wether It is the problem on mother's hand?
  • I am thinking to change the mother board. Will it work?
  • If I change the mother board, should I have to change Processor?

Thanking in anticipation.


Have you checked the Power Supply Unit ?