Hello. A while ago I decided to build my own editing machine and I did. After carefully following every instruction and connecting everything I hot the on button. The green light in my motherboard is on but there's not a single clue that the machine is working or anything, not evern the fans. I made sure everything was correctly connected and, acording to my knowledge and what I could find online is ok, but it won't do anything. Any help would be incredibly awesome. By the way. After turning it on I haven't turning it off cause it won't turn off by pressing the on/off button.

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More Info: I just got an SSD with 128GB, my other memory will be an external hard drive I own right now until I get the money to buy the necessary components tu build a RAID.

  1. Disconnect external power.
  2. Verify that the internal power supply is properly connected, and grounded.
  3. Make sure all fan electrical connections are correct.
  4. Ditto motherboard, and disc drives.

One assumes you have a CD/DVD player so you can install the OS? The first sign that things are starting to work properly is the BIOS flash. You will need to enter the BIOS setup mode and configure it to your needs. Until you get there, you are SOL and need to verify what is/isn't working. FWIW, you can disconnect the disc drives (including CD/DVD drives), and the BIOS should still work if all the electrical connections are proper.

Don't worry about RAID and that cruft until you can at least get the basic system running and into the BIOS. Until then, you have a nice door stop!

P.S. I was factory trained and certified as a computer tech by IBM, Apple, and others. My nephews, as teenagers, one of which is now the head IT guy for his county in California, decided to build a computer from parts, much as you did. They did so under the supervision of myself, and my brother-in-law (their other uncle) who is a licensed/certified TV/Radio broadcast engineer (he builds TV and Radio broadcast systems). It worked as designed when we turned it on, but there were a few things that we had to help them fix first. Just remember, printed instructions MAY be wrong - typos do occur! Having a basic understanding of electricity and electronics is useful. My grandson builds his own gear, but then he is an electronic genius who has been hacking electronics gear since he was 8 (he's 21 now). Now, he designes his own circuit boards to control drone aircraft of his own design and manufacture!

P.P.S. Do you have a VOAM (Volt, Ohm, Amp meter)? I have seen some parts that had the wrong colored wires installed, and without being able to tell what that lead really was, you are toast!

These meters aren't expensive, but necessary when assemblying complex electronics. I keep one handy in my tool box.

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