I have a acre aspire one notebook and I can't get it to work on battery only , when I unplug the power it closes off. The battery reads that its full, so I took the battery out for a few days when I put it back in it still reads full but won't run on battery power.

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How old is the battery? Lithium Ion batteries that are used in laptops, phones, etc. have a limited life span. They will hold less and less of a charge as they age, to the point where it will show full, but have basically zero capacity. If yours is over a couple of years old, this is likely the problem.

i agree with rubberman in all likelyhood your battery has gone to silicone heaven and you will need to buy a replacement

Sorry man but that's your battery calling it quits on you for sure...


If you are happy with your laptop and don't feel that you don't want to change it just yet, you can buy a replacement battery for what may work out as quarter or less than the price of a new laptop.

yes, like BigPaw suggested a replacement would be one way to go, but can you run off of the AC adapter? or do you need the battery for portability?


Yes, the battery is only for portability. It will make no difference to your laptop if the dead battery is in or out, except for the heat it will still generate.

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