Im trying to fix my girlfriends zt1000 laptop. it started having issues with clicking coming from what i beleive is the hard drive. after a few weeks it just stopped working. when it trys to boot up it gives me this message

"1500 mhz pentium 4 cpu
external cache: 512k installed
hard disk boot sector invalid
press "h" to retry hard disk , any other key for next device"

i tried the recovery cds from hp but it always hangs up after about 15 secs.
i sent it in to be fixed under the extended warranty and they told me it had "spill damage" i use the comp 99% of the time and i know theyre just jerking me around. and now the cdrom isnt showing up so im stuck. has anyone else had this prob or know how i can boot off of another device like lan or usb? please help im pulling my hair out over this one :eek:

Hello, although I don't know your solution. I just was cleaning & upgrading my sister's zt1000-1C which was having issues (on every boot HP Utilities Setup would do a InstallShield install) to XP Home service pack 2 and started getting the clicking noise and coincident with that the machine would freeze. She's looking now for the reinstall CD.
Now when we boot it tries to go to LAN for a PXE OS boot. If I go to BIOS (seems quite limited!) & insure hard disk is 1st bootable device it boots XP Home & after a few minutes get clilcking & it freezes.
I'll keep working it. Let me know if you get a solution.