My beautiful HP Media Center desktop has stopped working.
When I turn on the computer, fans start revving fast, but nothing happens. The fan will simply continue to rev.
I have tried all electricity sources, plugged and unplugged everything, but to no avail.
I have WindowsXP installed, my computer is 1 year old.
I really need to help troubleshooting this problem. Any advise?

If this just happened out of nowhere, chances are you're facing:

1.) Loose heatsink/Dead processor
2.) Power surge/Dead motherboard


For whatever reason, the heatsink has become loose, and therefore the heatsink has touched the motherboard, causing a short. Processors are found to not work unless they have a metal device on them to prevent heat damage. If the heatsink falls off during usage, the processor is exposed to open air, and no conductive protection. This condition does not explain the accelerated fans.


This is a little more unfortunate.... Power damage can be fatal to any component, but it's almost always the processor, power supply, or motherboard that get whooped upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat (metaphorically). In other words, time to buy a new device. The fan speed thing you're facing could be a deficiency that is caused by the power supply, or the motherboard, delivering power in weird places or not able to control fan speed anymore (regulated by the motherboard's BIOS).

-Try new heatsink, if reattaching fails.
-Test with different power supply (my Antec has yet to fail me).
-Replace fans, or take 'em out.
-If you have a different processor, give it a go.
-Try new motherboard if possible. Replace the motherboard as a last resort. :\

I'll post something else if I get new ideas

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