The light on the computer would not light up, and the fans sounds a lot louder then usual.
basically the computer just would not boot up. my monitor cant even get to the logo screen. please i really need help fixing my computer if anyone has any ideas please dont hesitate to reply

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Don't have much info about your computer.
Try the following to discharge and reset your PC first.

Please unplug the power cord, then press the power button over 20 seconds do not let go.
Then, connect the power cord and power on the pc again.

Hope this helps!

Need more information about your computer and the problem you're having...

When you press on button, fan works but not the computer itself right? Which fans you're referring to (fans on your motherboard or fans attach to CPU casing)?

When's the last time you used your computer and worked?

Answers these questions first and the above by the two volunteers.

1) Have you added any new parts or componets recently? This information will be vital.
2) How old is your computer

Now try these trobleshooting steps. Basically your computer have one problem but can be classified as two. Cannot boot up to log in screen and no power

1) Is the power supply voltage set correctly for your computer
2) Is any cable attached to your computer loose
3) Is there any loose screw in your computer case. Shake it gently and see whether you hear any screw sounds.
4) Take every component out and place them back again.
5) Is there power supply to start up your laptop. Plug in the power adapter and see.

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