I have a Gateway Laptop, anytime i let the battery die, it wont turn on when i plug it in, no charging light, no power light... until i heat up the underneath of my laptop with a hair drier, then it starts to charge.. any sollutions so i dont have to do this everytime?

Sounds like a failing part. Since you are heating up so many parts with that hair dryer, I won't be able to tell if it's motherboard, battery or a connection failing.

In fact since you left out model number (don't, just don't tell me it's series designation. get the model number and age in your posts.)

If it's over a few years old it could be as cheap as the CMOS batter to as bad as some I see that need a battery and motherboard.

Its an nv51b02h bought in 2011 been doing this since prob 2013

From 2011 the battery should be dead by now (unless you didn't use it on battery much and even then.) But when it starts to charge, how many minites do you get on a charge? If less than 30, battery is gone so don't put in the bad battery.

Now as a test try this.
. power off
. remove charger
. remove battery
. press and hold the power button for 60 seconds.
. release and plug in the charger


No go? At this many years the CMOS battery can be gone too. It's cheaper than a Volt meter so just do it.

Report back after this. And to repeat, if the big battery is gone you can stress the motherboard by leaving it in.

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