So now, we're all starting to have some success in fixing this problem. BUT. I think we need to separate the issues.

First of all. My problem is similar to every post in this thread in the sense that my PC shuts itself off, and needs to be resetted att the power supply to turn back on. The only difference for me is, that I don't even see the boot screen. My computer shuts down a few secs before monitor the automatic monitor turn-on. And here's the thing: it does so randomly.

Sometimes it works perfectly, for as many days in a row as I'd like, and other times I have to plug-unplug 7 times to get it going. Or 3 times. It all varies, and has been doing so for the past six months. It actually worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks. This rules out the CPU heating problem (inconsistency?), but i'm absolutely clueless.

Same problem here, it was shut down probably during the nite. When I turned it on
the next morning, it automatically shuts off. Sometimes I don't see the bio, or once I get
to the Windows SAFE mode page it shuts off. The more time I let it sit, the further I get, but never logon to Windows. The shorter time I give it, it shuts down randomly. I can't even let
it run in safe mode. How do we fix this?

Same problem here, it was shut down probably during the nite. When I turned it on
the next morning, it automatically shuts off. Sometimes I don't see the bio, or once I get
to the Windows SAFE mode page it shuts off. The more time I let it sit, the further I get, but never logon to Windows. The shorter time I give it, it shuts down randomly. I can't even let
it run in safe mode. How do we fix this?

try booting to recovery repair with winxp cd ,and then type in CHKDSK /F

4 things to look for in all these cases
Hard drive
power supply
first clean it - properly
replace the heat paste
a tiny drop of machine oil on the fan bearings will help em spin
then it's just a process of elimination
try booting using a live cd or bootable cd, techies toolkit is good, there's plenty out there.
if it works it's probably not the cpu or mobo and you can run some basic daignostics
try a different drive if it works thats your problem.
try a live cd like knoppix or similar, this will put a bit more load on the system psu
disconnect cd drives etc all but your hard drive pull out all your cards and all but one stick of ram - see if it works - if not swap the ram stick - see if it works.
then add your components back one by one before each restart.
long winded but it works. when it stops playing again thats your problem
and go spend ten bucks on a psu tester but never spend 10 bucks on a psu!
if yr skint check out a few local companies see if they're chucking out any old pc's
ask if you can scavenge a few for parts. you'll be surprised how often they say yes it saves them money when they don't have to pay for disposal - you'll never get a hard drive tho.
Just for the record i've built/repaired at least 30 pc's this year from "bin jobs"

I've got the same problem. I don't think it's a virus as I'm really careful and my pc is all up to date with antivirus stuff.
I can leave BIOS on for ages but as soon as I try to boot up Windows in safe or normal mode it switches off. Then I need to unplug it and wait till the green light goes off on my keyboard then I can switch it on again.
Unfortunately it's stuck in this cycle of getting so far then switching off. This also happens when trying to boot with xp pro cd. I tried with a floppy boot disk but I got an error saying the system file hal.dll was corrupt or missing.

Just to let you know my motherboard needs to be replaced. Still under warranty thank God.

Just read through all four pages, and I am still unsure as to what is wrong with my computer. Its about 2 years old now, all custom made by myself. I really dont think its an overheating issue seeing as I have about 9-10 fans running inside my computer and even after letting the computer cool for hours, it still shuts down. The problem is very very random, and started the other day when I was playing a game of Madden football. Atfirst I figured it was the game so I didnt play it, and the problem went away (atleast I thought). Everytime I played seemed to be when it shut down, so I let it go and grabbed the newer 08 version, figuring it was an error with the 07 version. Last night, I installed it, started playing everything was fine till about 10 minutes into the game, random shutoff. Decided to let it be and deal with it in the morning.

Woke up today and the problem is much more severe now. Now, I can seldomly get it past logon. I have tried system restores, but haven't tried safemode or BIOS yet, seeing as I just read through all this to see what it could possibly be. Its not corruption on the harddrive seeing as I have two hard drives, and cannot boot from either without a shutdown. I think that right now it could either be the motherboard, or the power supply. Upon shutting down (it isnt really a shut down, just the whole computer turning off at one time), I turn the power supply switch off for about a good 10 seconds, and upon returning it on I also hear the capacitor click, then press power and the computer starts up. I am about to go pull the power supply out and see if thats the problem, and also will try to deal with the processor fan (but I doubt thats the problem). Any help you can supply me with is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Well I'm useless when it comes to hardware so I took it back to the shop. They must've seen me coming. They told me my motherboard and power supply needed replacing. I think the power supply had helped damage the motherboard. Right from the start it had the noisiest fan I'd ever heard which is not good as I'm using my pc as a home recording studio. At the time they said it was because I had a powerful processor so it needed the powerful fan. Now they're saying it shouldn't sound like that.

The good news was that they said it was under warranty, the bad news was that they didn't do that motherboard anymore and the new ones didn't take DDR1 RAM so I had to upgrade to DDR2 and also I needed a new graphics card to fit new motherboard. I reluctantly gave him the go ahead to do the work. When I went in to pay he said they'd made a mistake and my stuff wasn't under warranty after all. They knocked off £40 labour for the mix up but I still feel robbed.

Hope you have better luck than me. I'm now stuck with 4gig of DDR1 RAM and a graphics card and having problems reinstalling my external Edirol sound card. I hate computers.

That sucks bout your warranty, unforunately I feel I am in the same boat.. My warranty just ended about 2 months ago, and of course this happens. After playing with it a bit last night, the problem seemed to sort itself out for awhile seeing as I was on it for about 4-5 hours, nothing happened so I shut it off for the night in hopes it corrected itself. Got on today, again, 1-2 hours playin around and then shuts down. Try to restart, restarts back to my profile, then shuts off. So I try one more time and now the computer is officially gone. Start it up, fans turn on for literally 1 second, then everything shuts off. Wont even start up anymore. So at this point I know it is either the mobo or power supply. I cant pinpoint which it is exactly simply because I have two theories:

1. The Mobo I bought (MSI K8T Neo) was problem riddled from the start. Back when it was under warranty I received one that died on me and had to get an all new one.
2. the power supply is just a stock thermaltake one that came with my case and I think I probably overloaded it. I think that if I could run the computer for 4-5 hours, run programs, games, update my iphone, ect.. it wouldn't be the motherboard. And now that it wont even power up, I have a strong feeling its the power supply.

If anyone has any suggestions or help for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I am gonna try to swap the power supply and if that doesnt work, then I will go for the new Mobo.

Well that's the most cost effective thing to try first. It does unfortunately sound like mine. I'm sure my dodgy power supply helped to finish off my motherboard. Good luck!

i have the same problem i think that it is most likely a cooling problem the computer turns on over heats freezes and shuts down

sori about that,but i advise you to check on your RAM. it should have stopped working.isaac

open it with safe mode by pressing f8 while the computer it start booting

actually all i needed to do was tighten the fan and cooling assembly the laptop is design flawed

Hi I passing from the same situation with a new pc im building and thats hardware problem, what i can say is that i have replace almost all the new components and not have sucess im thinking that the last thins is that im using an old cpu core from myex computer that the mother board burndown soo im thinking that for a pc start and mostly magically turn off without showing the bios screen it can be that the processor is dying you should check if someone have a processor from your same slot and test it to check if is your processor or you motherboar thats the only thinks that can happen The processor or the motherboard i hope this can help you out with your problem.

att. Starxel

Was this issue resolved? I am having an identical problem. Ihave checked all the fans in the case, including the fans to the PSU and the Vid Card. Mine will not even make it to the windows screen before shutting down. I have tried using safemode, and my copy of UCBD (bootdisc). I have also checked the ram with new sticks, and even went as far as to buy a higher wattage PSU, and swap out video cards, to find that those didnt work either. Is there anyway to test the Motho with the p.c. shutting down like this?

Yes I think so, I phoned a computer geek and he came to my house with a bit of kit that he plugged into my motherboard and somehow tested it. It was quite some time ago now so I can't remember what it was. The verdict was I needed a new one! He only charged me £10.

hi.. could anyone give me a nice slogan on"Shutting Down PC after Work"

I have the same problem, but it doesn't occur while USING my computer.
What happens is, either when my computer is asleep, or off; and I try turning it on, it turns on, you can hear the fan and everything for about 2-4 seconds. Then it turns off. It does this several times (about 5-8) also at different intervals of time.

Could this be a problem with my motherboard?

Hi i'm new to this... My computer will also start up and it will shut itself off at random times... sometimes it will start up completely and i can do a few things run some programs etc. then it will randomly shut off... then i try to start it up again right away and it will just turn on and do its thing for a while but then nothing will show on my screen yet and just cut out again... i'm wondering if its a underpower or overpower issue thats going on... I'm leaning towards it being underpowered because it sometimes laster for 5 minutes or so so i can open things up and work in programs then it'll randomly shut off... If anyone can tell me whats going on that would be great. And also what I may replace to fix it thanks

Same issue here. Went on vacation. Came home and started computer - came up and then shut down. The longer I leave it off, the better chance I have of it getting to the desktop. I did manage to get it to the desktop once and it ran fine for about 4 days and then I think I had too many windows open and it locked. I couldn't shut it off other than holding the power button down for about 5 secs. Now it's back to almost starting, but not quite and then shutting off again. Seems to get to the splash screen with the user icons and I can hear stuff loading in the background and then suddenly - poof - down again. Not sure why it ran for 4 days once - any thoughts on what that would indicate?


My computer is the same way. I've called the company (HP) and they told me they could fix it but for 139 dollars even with warranty. They say its a software problem. Anyone know any tips on how to go about this problem i know reformatting the computer will probably do the trick but i don't have a windows 7 disk.

1)my desk top switches on as soon as i plug to power supply, eventhough i did not use push button
2) when i touch metal part of cpu i get minor shock
3) it require frequent booting, due primery ide slave gets disabled
and also secondery ide slave gets disabled

1)my desk top switches on as soon as i plug to power supply, eventhough i did not use push button

this is normal[with most computer brands ] ,its because you are not shutting it down correctly .

2) when i touch metal part of cpu i get minor shock

this is certnly not normal,maybe be bad power supply,or bad ground .

3) it require frequent booting, due primery ide slave gets disabled
and also secondery ide slave gets disabled

also not normal ,could be releated to the bad power connection/short.what ever .

my pc is trying to load windows and just shuts down when counting down to 27 secs. What do you think this problem could be?

I have kinda of the same problem.Well mine
is differnt i think. i turn it on then while
iam logining in into my account its turns off.
then i trun it off then try it again and it
does do the same thing but them i wait a few minitues
and i turn it on and it work it does that. help what wrong with
it will i have to replace it please no.!

computer comes on with booting menu

my computer turn on for 2 sec. before everything shuts down fan and all, there is a small click sound before it shuts off. i vacuum all the dust off still same problem,any advice please.

I have a similar issue with a bit of a twist. When I attempt to boot the computer it starts to boot but then completely shuts down, however if I hit F9 and run the diagnostics test, it completes the tests (with no reported errors) and then starts up fine.

I had the same problem. Turned out that the supply had gone faulty. Replaced that and its been working fine since.

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