I have the same problem. Some times my computer turns off itself while I'm working on it and on my screen i get the following message "no signal' The fans work well. They are clean. I've all cleaned. When it turns off itslef it's not eseay to start it again. I'am obliged to plug it out from the wall. Some times I'am obliged to try to start it more tha one time. My computer is ACER. When it starts, it checks with FAT32, after checking, it starts for a while, sometimes it works for long time, sometimes after checking with FAT32 it automaticaly turns off again.
Any help wil be greatly appreciated

ok i turn on my computer and it starts to boot up then a screen american megatrend pops up and then stays there for 15 seconds then the computer shuts off what can i do to get rid of this probelm

ok i am having a problem with e desktop. I turn it on and it loads all the way, and i am on the desktop and can run programs for a bit, but then it just shuts down on me all of a sudden. would it be a power issue? or is it something else?


That sounds like a typical case of a CPU over heating. Check if your cpu cooler have sufficient air supply.
Is the cpu fan running, is the case fan(s) running (if you have 2, then are they working together like 1 sucking air in front, and 1 blowing air in the back, or similar).

It might also be the power supply getting old and weak (unless if you recently added some new power hungry hardware - then it is just too weak) :)

Did you add any new hardware? (i.e. new memory, video cards,etc.) Here's what worked for me. Find the battery on your motherboard and remove it. Let it sit outside for about 30 minutes. I remember from electronics class that even after your electronics are turned off, capacitors still retain a charge.. in this case, enough to remember the crap that keeps cutting you off, thus the use of the battery. After 20 -40 minutes, replace the battery. when you turn on, your mobo may ask you to reload default setting...do it. Your windows should load. Hope this works. Btw, your motherboard battery looks like a large watch battery.

I had a similar issue when I built a computer on the floor(gulp carpet!) my pc would turn itself off because it was overheating. check the heatsink and fan to make sure they are not clogged with dust. by the way the overheating computer still works!

Can someone advise me? I loaded a wireless adapter to my pc and I also have an external HDD and externad DVD/RW plugged in. Shortly after loading my adapter though the pc shut down. When I fired it back up a message comes up saying something about the USB and the pc shuts down within 15 seconds. I am unable to access BIOS or anything like that, it just shuts down. Help anyone?

I have the same problem..


I have the same problem... i really hope it aint the MOBO... n i stil my processor work.. now it has absolutely refused to go on... i used to hear a buzzing from the graphics card n when its abt to boot it goes off... let me try another PS n c wat happens.. any advice??

I have the same issue. The system dispays the log on screen and I left it for more than 30 minutes. It logon screen is still there. But as soon as I loged in and desktop boots up without any issue and then suddenly it shuts down and re-starts it self.

I have the same issue. The system dispays the log on screen and I left it for more than 30 minutes. It logon screen is still there. But as soon as I loged in and desktop boots up without any issue and then suddenly it shuts down and re-starts it self.

6 year old thread and people are still having the same problem ,,and people are still not finding the answer in this thread ,giving the fact that there are 6 ears of suggestion in this thread ,

so i guess i cant add anything to this ,except something that has likely already been said a dozen time in the thread ,
But,i will anyway

did you check for dust buildup causinbg it to overheat .

did you use the manufactors disk utility to check the harddrive for errors ,

When My computer begar dying after running for a little bit and then shutting down, after running all of the normal tests, I then replaced the motherboard ...at least I thought I had run all of the normal tests. Still the computer exhipited the same problem of starting and shutting down. When I tested the ram memory by removing one ram module at a time and seeing if the computer would run, I found the culprit------bad memory. Removing the bad ram module and replacing it with a good ram module, the computer burst in to full computer life! SO EASY! I took a ram module out and tried to start the computer, then took another out and tried to start the computer, etc., etc., etc., etc....The coputer finally burst to life on the last module. So, the lesson here is slow down and do thorough step by step testing first before replacing major components. Make certain the motherboard light is lit up. Test the cheaper components first is probably a good plan, and always make certain that all connections are secure and whether or not fans are all plugged in and running. In the future, I think that I will (just in case I am not the first one who has worked on the computer) first and foremost check the bios jumper to make certain it is the correct position and reset it first, then check the power supply. (After all I have a power supply tester.) Next I shall check the computer's MUSCLES---THE RAM MODULES by removing each one, one at a time and trying to start the computer.

In the same boat too I turned it off for the night but it didnt turn on the next morning tried leaving it off for another 4hrs voila problem solved. Alas it didnt turn on the day after that.

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