I have 2 thunderbolt displays daisy-chained to my mac pro for the past 9 months. I have my sound output coming out of one of my 2 displays. I'm on El Capitan and recently had my displays freeze after waking them up from a lunch break then the sound didn't work and no longer shows up in the sound prefrences panel. Also, none of the USB ports work on either display. Everything is up to date. I've unplugged the Mac Pro and thunderbolt display and still nothing. Any suggestions?

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How's the weather up there? It may be condensation caused by the cold. Get the system to a warm environment, and give it some time to dry out. Some compressed air blown into the system may help dry things out more quickly.

Thanks for your reply rubberman, but the office is a normal temp (b/w 70-75 degrees) and the Mac Pro is warm to the touch (even with the fan spinning) as well as the monitors. I'm thinking its some type of thunderbolt bus issue on the Mac Pro or issue with one of the displays firmware (even though all updates are up to par) or an OS issue with El Capitan.

Ok. You said you were on El Capitan - I assumed you meant the huge rock in Yosemite? Macs are difficult to disassemble in order to clean them of dust and other detritis. You may need to take it in to be serviced by Apple-certified techs.

Quick internet search told me that El Capitan is the latest Apple OSX version. :-) Sorry. Didn't know that! If you were on top of El Capitan in Yosemite, that would have been awesome!

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