Hi.. I have an Hp PAvilion DM4. The laptop screen has been going faint/black wen started. IT looks like as if there is some wire which is loose, as when I insert a thick cardboard in between the gap of laptop and the screen, the screen is absolutely fine. As soon as the cardboard is removed, it is back to the blank/black colour.
Also, if I hld the screen and try adjusting it, the screen functions normally (when held in a specific manner)
Can anyone help me with this?

sorry about that....am actually new here..buh i think i can be of help...u would need to unscrew the laptop..its obvious that its the display cable,so check the display cable...the cable can be barely connected to the two different ends....if there are no changes please reply..no problem its called troubleshooting...

Thanks for the help. I think i will have to take it to a computer shop.. as I am not very good at opening up electronic items. But thanks as now I exactly know what to tell the computer guy to correct. Or else they charge exorbitantly for no reason at all. Thanks!

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