Case - DIYPC Gamemax-W White
MOBO - MSI Gaming Z97
RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB)
CPU - Intel Core i5-4690K Devil's Canyon Quad-Core 3.5 GHz
Cooling - Extreme performance CPU cooling with built-In Corsair Link™ 240m
HDD - WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch
PSU - CORSAIR CX-M series CX750M Will bottom mount
I recently built this pc after evertything was put together I started it up and it gave me a start screen. I did not have the OS at the time so I powered it off. I moved the case with all the parts up some stairs and onto a table. I plugged it in power, hdmi, keyb,mouse, bootable USB for the OS. It turns on and when I wait for the display to pop up and nothing. I reset the CMOS due to the fact when I looked this up that was a popular responce. The psu fans the gsu spins everythings on and making sounds with lights and all. But I still dont get a picture. EVERYTHING is brand new never used before. Not sure how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance!

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I'd forget the HDD. On Newegg that was 125 bucks and last wek I picked up a 480GB SSD for 99 bucks. This alone can give your machine an overall speed boost. I'm not using as many HDDs as I used to.

But that ship has sailed so to troubleshoot your new build, make it as small as possible after you check all jumpers and pull off ALL motherboard connections save the power on one.

Move just the motherboard, CPU+HSF and PSU to cardboard and test it with as few parts as you can. We don't need all the RAM, and no HDD or such. Keep it small.

So you think something got unplugged in transit or a part could be broken? Nevertheless, lets start un plugging.

Odd. You wrote you built this so how could it get unplugged in transit?

When you write

I recently built this pc after evertything was put together

I believe you. Are you changing your story to something like "I built this on the order page and it doesn't work when it arrived."?

Anyhow, downsizing it to the least number of parts is the classic troubleshooting of a desktop or other PC. Even the case is optional.

I got all the parts and built it at my kitchen table put to together ran it up on a small tv and got an imagine. Unplugged in the sence of a compenent not in all the way or something of that sort. Moved it upstairs and started it up when I had the OS and all the bits and pieces and I got no display, sorry if I was a bit unclear.

So let's check where you are now. Did you take it back to where it worked? Does it work there? If not, time to downsize.

Here, things don't unplug so easy BUT I find many first time builders put in "all the motherboard standoffs."
Now let's let that sink in. They didn't put in only the required mounting posts but all of them. It's one of the most common gaffes I encounter. To help me understand your skill level, tell me what's wrong with putting all the mounting posts in a case.

I put in 6 of the 9 stand offs. I am a first time builder so my skill level is about a 3-10 on the scale. I had some help building everything and currently trying to remove most of the parts thats connected to the MOBO. Do I still remove the cpu and the water cooling part attached to it or is it not necessary?

The PDF at on page 1-16 show the 9 mounting points.

When I write all of the mounting posts the typical first timer puts in all the posts in the case beyond the ones the documents call out and create a short or a short that shows up later.

As to the CPU+HSF (you used water cooling.) Not yet. I find I first pull off all but the Power On and power connections as well, that's where I start. Then I'm pulling off the HDD+ODD+SSD connections and slim it down to 1 stick of RAM. No Go? The board comes out and onto cardboard. Remember all this is on the web many many times. Google "the dead PC".

Power Switch, the usb for the water cooling, one stick of ram, fans connected to the mobo, the power to the mobo all still plugged in and still no display. Time to take out the mobo? Not looking forward to looking up "the dead PC after having it boot up only once,

This means you haven't removed the part that is causing the issue yet. If I can't get a motherboard, CPU+HSF with PSU and speaker to beep in protest then I'm down to 4 possible bad parts.

I wonder if you have touched the parts inside the computer when you are done removing your PC upstairs.

I would suggest we watch the statics that could have killed the mobo especailly a lot more static accumulate right after the actions of moving.

Now, I would suggest we remvoe the Bios small battery away for few minutes, reseat CPU, and the RAM, GPU no HDD connect as the same as the first time.
Then power on again to see if ok.

If not, also check if the 4/6 pins video system power connector is connected securely on the mobo near the CPU as well. Of course, I believed you should have powered on your monitor in advance and check the video cable correctly.

Hope this helps.
Tech Support Manager

If I can't get a motherboard, CPU+HSF with PSU and speaker to beep in protest then I'm down to 4 possible bad parts.

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