I recently invested in getting a samsung 245bw 24inch monitor and it was fine for the first few days. After those I started to get little blue stars (size of one pixel) in my games of counterstrike scattered randomly across the screen. These would also appear in the screenshots and would glow like before. I was pretty sure that it wasn't something actually wrong with the game though, because when zooming in on the spot it still remained the same size.

Over the last few days I've experienced blue horizontal lines (1 pixel high) slashing across my screen at random heights of the screen. Do i need to rma my monitor or do i need to replace some of my other hardware? Also when i run the ATITOOL artifact tester my computer always passes...

Thanks for your time.


RMA is the way. Your LCD screen is going flaky. (OH NO ITS GOT DANDRUFF) Good luck with the warranty-you-musta-done-somfin-wrong-so-it's-not covered-department. Pleae give a repost when you know.

are you sure it's the lcd and not my graphics card? i just wanna be sure.

If the flaky business is going on no matter what program you are running, then it is in your LCD. Call the tech support, and describe it to them, they'll have you do some basic troubleshooting, as they must, and then see what they say.

what is rma? im having the blue lines flashing across my screen too almost had it a year n i just got it back two days ago from it being fixed and they started and now the webcam wont work.

try to see if the same problem occurs in the safe mode.


I had the same problem as you did, i invested in an LCD samsung 24''.
what i did to fix it was i went into menu then setup and reset then power LED On - worning