I installed a hard drive to use for a slave but it is locked. I have a program to unlock it but the computer do not show the slave hard drive any where. Every thing is pluged in good I am aelectrician so I know how to hook every thing up but I not really sure with getting the computer to find hard drive.

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Also, make sure that:

- HD is recognized in BIOS
- HS settings in BIOS are correct (LBA)

Some HDs have jumpers for different number of C/H/S, try changing those.


Try this:
Unplug the power cord from new HD.
Check - Verify jumper is set to slave.
Leave Unplugged. Shut down computer. Wait a couple of minutes.
Restart computer. Clear all Cache, Cookies and Files from Internet Explorer and empty Recycle Bin.
Shut down computer. Again, wait 2 or 3 minutes.
Plug back in the new HD. Ensure the ribbon cable is aligned correctly with pin 1 on the connector. Restart computer. PnP should find, identify and logged the new HD. If not, confirm new HD is spinning and you do not have any conflict in Device Manager. Good Luck.

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