I guess the title explains my dilema. Everytime I pick up the phone the computer starts by itself. I have checked the phone connection going into the internal modem and it is plugged in correctly, I have not added any new hardware or software recently. All "Windows" updates have been installed and it may be coincidence but this problem began just after one of the updates. My firewall and anti virus products are up to date and a full system scan has been carried out which showed no pests.

If anyone can shed some light on what is possessing by phone or computer it would be greatly appreciated, as having to crawl under the desk for the "off" button is driving me nuts.

Thanks all, and have a wonderful day.


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Similar things have happen to me before except it is not turn on when i pick up the telephone but my bro's comp because of network.
I guess you a using dialup or have a network line plugged to the telephone.
The way i fixed my problem was reinstall the window which would also change the network system to default.
That's all i know by my pass experience.

Thanks Tom, I am on dial up, but in the 6 years I have been on dial up I have never had this problem, and unsure what a network line is. Reinstall the window would mean reinstalling the OS? Now there is something I have never had to do.


i dunno the exact/professional name for network line:(
it is the blue/yellow wire that is plug with the telephone or another comp.
reinstall the window do mean formatting ur comp.
anyway,before the problem started,did u do anything to the comp?

Ho ho ho, a funny problem for some and bloody annoying for others. No worries though - it's easily fixed.

You need to head into your PC's BIOS setup (commonly accessed by pressing the del key during the POST screens that appears when you first turn your PC on. Some models have F1 or other keys) and disable "wake on ring".

Tom, I had not done anything to the computer, it is not even a year old yet and one day for no particular reason it started with the possessed phone thing. I thought perhaps it occured because of one of the Microsoft updates. As i am not comfortable playing around with stuff I did not attempt to reformat anything.

Coconut Monkey, your solution did not seem as scary as Toms, so I gave hitting the del key a go, I got the set up screen and got scared (giggles), but I found the option you mentioned. It was enabled, and now i have set it to disabled, tested the phone and all seems to be ok, though I have to wonder how it managed to enable itself in the first place.

A big thank you to both of you for taking the time to help.


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