I don't know too much about my computer, however, I would like to increase the RAM. My problem is that I have not been able to find much information on my computer.

I have a Sony Vaio PCV-RS530G.

I would like to know whether it allows for a High Density RAM chip or not. Also, I would like to know if it is Dual Channel or Single Channel.

Finally, I would like to know if it is compatible with this product: Kingston KHX3200ULK2/2G (http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KHX3200ULK2_2G.pdf). If it isn't then I would be grateful for any suggestions. (I am preferably looking for a PC3200 DDR-400 1GB chip with a Latency around 2-2-2-5-1).

Thank You,
~ Omar Alkurd

It's dual channel. It should take high density just fine but probably only at 512x2 not 1GX2. If yu run 1 gig sticks in dual channel it will likely default to DDR 333 speed (PC2700) which is ok.

The problem is going to be being able to run a stick with timings as low as you indicated. 2-2-2 ram is extremely low latency, and the bios that would come with a Sony VAIO is not flexible or adjustable for ram timings or cas latency at all - thus it may not even boot at all (BSOD), and or, run at 2.5 4-4-4 settings, but i can tell you it's not going to run at 2-2-2. Only way would be to have a non OEM motherboard (aftermarket performance oriented motherboard) so that you would change the settings, or a higher performance motherboard that would allow such low latencies.

I would look for some cas 2.5 6-3-3 or 7-4-4 sticks, Running at higher latencies with value ram will be much better than trying to run extremely low latencies with performance ram. So i would go with some Corsair Value or Kingston Value sticks. I have seen them run well in Sony VAIO's running the 865G chipset.

Manuals for your PC are here


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