I was playing Dying Light and just paused the game for a bit and was eating. when come back the game had freeze, mouse too, nothing moved. Tried to collapse the screen of they laptop with the hope that it probably would resume the laptop in normal state of work. But it didnt work, so I Hold the power button till it shut down..

When I start it again, 3-4 little dots appeared on my screen (bottom left side of it).
Those are very visible on white color a page, but darker when the page is in dark color.
I did not hit the screen or anything. How can I fix this?

It looks like a stucked pixel.

So what is this PC? It's a laptop but no make and model so I can google up if this model has issues and what a new LCD costs.

Beyond that I mirror to an external and/or take a screen shot to see if the dots are in the external or screen shot to sniff out if it's the LCD or other issue. Try that.

I have a Dell 5558 i5, 8gb ram. nVidia 920M 2GB.
and looks like the dots are hardware problem, part of the screen/glass..
how can I fix it?