Laptop Details:

Windows 8.1 64-bit

Hi. Im having issues with my laptop lately, I kept getting BSOD with error PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR. I tried uninstalling softwares which I had previously installed but I still kept getting it so i did a reinstall of windows instead and now im having driver issues(with the Yellow Triangle + Exclamation Marks) :

I know theres a way to get these drivers by getting the Hardware ID but I fear downloading and installing the wrong driver and messing it up more. And I dont know whether i should be having more than 1 High Definition Audio Device/PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Control.

I have the Asus LiveUpdate but it didn't update anything except for the Intel Graphics Driver. So now im unsure how to go forward. I would download the drivers manually from ASUSTeK but like I said im not sure which is what. IT would be so much easier if there was a list of Hardware IDs and the associated driver or wtv. Could someone help me out?

  1. High Definition Audio Device
    Provider : Microsoft

  2. SM Bus Controller
    Manufacturer : Unknown
    Device Type : Others

  3. PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller First
    Provider : Unknown

  4. PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Second
    Provider : Unknown

Sorry but no. You left out full model numbers as well as a product page so it's a stretch using the provided information. Also, unless I own your exact model and reinstall the same OS taking notes along the way of what worked, I can't be sure of my advice.

I am sure of the following. For most I use the maker's web pages for the product model and install in this order. A. Motherboard and chipset drivers. B. all other drivers. C. Apps that control the machine. Item C seems to elude many but it can be important as some PCs don't turn on the WiFi or other items without it. A few laptops would run the display at max brightness without that app.

It's not a new issue and one the industry didn't address but fear is your biggest issue beyond what you noted. Get past that, use the drivers from Asus for your laptop. If you get the wrong one, usually nothing happens.

This could also be indicative of a hardware problem. See if the system vendor has a diagnostic program that can interrogate the hardware. Sometimes such can be found on the recovery partition.

I sorta just googled each Hardware ID and winged it( rproffitt, went your way). went to the manufacturers website and installed. got most of it fixed excpet for High Definition Audio Device.


googled it but no luck. I have Realtek and NVIDIA, i thought itll end there. tried the Playing Audio troubleshoot, didnt fix it. Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying.

It is an driver issue, your device driver is not competible to the windows

Usually when this occurs the driver is not installed. Check the model of your board and download the driver directly from the manufacturer's website that is most recommended.