i have a multimeter - unusual for a lawyer but i quit that - if we skyped maybe you could show me how to do it?

@james. The problem is that what you have is not what I have and may have never seen before. I'd test with the very safe 5V supply next.

dont have a 5v adaptor that fits it.

best way round is as you said check it with multimeter.

if you can guide me on skype i might be able to do it without busting anything.

Inside you'll find the minus or ground should be continuous to the drive.
It's the +V side you need to trace to see where it goes and to any chip or diode. If it's a diode then it's 5V.
If it's a 3 pin regulator then we need the numbers off that to see if we can find specs.

I never heard if this came with a power supply. Mine don't. I just run them off USB power. Why not run them off USB power?

i can run it off usb and it works fine. Just cant use it with the multi-usb hub which is also powered. small irritation as i run a lot of usbs off the lap top.

i dont have much of a clue about electronics. wouldnt even know how to set the multimeter.

if we skyped then you could tell me direct what to do and see what I am doing to the device. i feel i could easily do something wrong without that guidance. if you dont want to be seen then you could switch off your camera, your side.

me trying to understand written instructions from past experience once you have the device open, leads to multiple complications and contiuing emails that go on for ages, when otherwise it could be solved in one skype session.

understand :)

@James. I've made those sort of calls before and it frustrates both of us. If you don't have basic VOM skills, I can't teach those over a Skype.
Did you try one of those 2 to 1 USB power enhancer cables?
Also, maybe it's just a bum hub?

hub works fine with everything else. think the best possibility is by skype.appreciate it might take 20 minutes or more and maybe you dont have the time.or else could you send photos of what I might expect to see inside it and mark which items need testing and how. or direct to website that shows this.before you do this i recommend you do some yogic prana breath exercises. slowly hold your breath 8 sec, slow breath out 8 sec, slow breath in 8 sec, repeat ten times.

James, I think you are expecting/demanding too much.

Everyone here is a volunteer, helping others to the best that their abilities, time and desire allows. This is a community website, it's not a paid for support service. If you paid a dollar to sponsor your question, all that does is flag the question up to the volunteers here who might best be able to help.

the question wasnt actually addressed to you geek
if you dont want to assist then dont
i feel i am certainly within the ambit of the site rules in my requests and i find your interventions unhelpful.
a direction to a website that the user may already know that shows how to do this is hardly onerous.

geek your suggestion 'to plug them all in and if i fry it' too bad. sums up your manner and every other comment i have recieved from you which has a cynical slant to it. i'd prefer it if you no longer responded on this thread thanks.

a direction to a website that the user may already know that shows how to do this is hardly onerous.

But what you actually asked for was a Skype conversation that the user had already told you he wasn't prepared to do, or "photos of what I might expect to see inside it and mark which items need testing and how."

Your selective memory has been apparent throughout this entire thread. Everyone here has tried to help you, including myself. Cynical? No. Honest? Yes.

You can, indeed, request whatever you want. I was merely pointing out that your requests appear somewhat unreasonable when you take into account that everyone here is a volunteer helper and that maybe you are expecting too much.

i'd like to keep this pleasant. and i was getting good feedback here on how to determine the V and A of the DVD driver. i gave a number of options to try and resolve this given my limited understanding of electronics as i couldnt understand the instructions given by profft who seemed genuinely trying to help me get to the bottom of the issue of adaptor V. and might also teach me something about electronics.

Happygeek, i dont find your input constructive. i'd prefer it if you didnt try and help me anymore and perhaps go help some other people who might need you.

I thank you for your input so far and appreciating the frustartion of understanding electronic functionings. but i feel we are getting into a tit for tat response here that is losing time for both of us.

Go in peace. and try the pranic breathe. 8 seconds. it does require a level of concentration mentally to be able to do. but see if you can manage it.

it does require a level of concentration mentally to be able to do. but see if you can manage it.

And there we go, back to the school playground sniping...

OK I'm done here.

That deep-breathing stuff works. I was angry reading this thread, so if you're a troll, congratulations on your success in sowing discord, albeit temporarily. Then I followed your advice. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahh.

This is one of the rare times I actually have something pertinent to add to a hardware thread on the technical side. I'm a veteran of accidentally "releasing the smoke from chips" as Reverend Jim put it, and I could give you some pointers on how not to do that. I'm one of the rare people who occasionally will Skype with someone for free. It makes me feel good to help people.

But not you. I'm going to let you plug your DVD Drive into the 220 volt outlet, assuming that you actually have a DVD Drive and are not a troll making all this up just to waste people's time, and instead spend the time I would have spent with you mowing the lawn of a truly nice lady down the street who deseves help. She'll sincerely thank me, give me some lemonade, and it'll feel good doing a good deed. If I helped you, you'd just insult me and I'd feel like a sucker.

If you're NOT a troll, try that deep breathing you suggest and re-read your thread, then realize this is not the way to get help. But you already knew that. I do admire your chutzpah in telling an Admin to butt out of your thread and repeatedly asking a Moderator you insulted to spend 20 minutes Skyping with you for free.

For people that spend your time claiming I am insulting you. You spend a lot of time insulting me to prove it rather than help me. But to be truthful straight up I was deluged with adds stuck on the screen so i couldnt read the script and inane responses initially of stick all the adopters in, forget it and buy a new one. Unbelievable. "A troll. Sniping. Fry it. I wont help you, but I'd help an old lady instead, your going to make me a sucker." Is this really what underlies an electronic gadget person whose in near retirement's ego. The sad thing about you guys is you cant even see how insulting your commentary is to me. just refund my $1 and i'll quit this site. I am afraid the only trolls here are you guys. Very sad. Even my yogic advice as a yoga teacher is turned against me. You clearly enjoy ganging up on people to bully them. No I wouldnt skype with people like you. i take that back. It might damage me. Try the headstand you might see other people's perspective then and get some blood into your brain.