I've installed a new pci-e sata2 raid card, but it won't detect any hard drive.
When i access the software to set up the raid, (silicon image 3132) right after the bios, it doesn't show any physical drives, as if there was no hdd connected to it at all. Jumper settings on the raid card are ok. Power to the hdd's is ok.
I'm connecting 2 identical hdds, WD 160gb, sataII. One of them has got data, and the other one is just formatted. Both of them are detected if i connect them directly to the sata ports on the motherboard.
I've explored the bios but i couldn't find anything that would have anything to do with raids or pci-e being disabled. The motherboard is an Intel D945GCCR.
The raid card is an Encore ENLSA2-2C-PCIE.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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I know that this is not the solution to your dilemma, but search the manufacturer's website to find a compatible HDD list, though I don't think this is your problem. After verifying your hard drive, try one disk (freshly formatted 1), just to see if it is recognized; then work your way up by reformatting the other HDD. Good luck~Mav.

There's no list of compatible hdd's on the manufacturer's website. It supposedly supports sataII. I'll try with different hdd's and different pc's to see if i can identify the problem and test the new raid card. I've bought two of these so i can enjoy myself trying different combinations for a while. I'll post the results.
Thanks a lot, Mav.

I think that these hardware type was made for old motherboards.
I try on 5 motherboards, and just the oldest ones detect him and hd or dvds attached.

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