I just installed a new game called "TOCA Race Driver 2" on my pc (with Windows XP Professional edition and SP2) the hardware requirements for the game are too low (32 mb graphics, 800 mhz cpu, 1.2 gb space etc) and my pc is fast enough with 1 gb ram, 2 ghz cpu, 128 mb graphics card-ATI Radeon 9200 and 120 gb hdd. but whenever I am playing the game my pc shuts down automatically without any reason whatsoever. I have Norton Internet Security installed and running well with no virus etc. Can any one please tell me as what could possibly be the culprit? Thanks.

It could be a problem with your PSU.

It could be a problem with your PSU.

I just changed some setting in the BIOS and now its ok. Thanks. Happy new year..

Congrats on the fix, care to share what you changed so that other readers with similar problems can benefit from this. And happy new year to you as well.

Congrats on the fix, care to share what you changed so that other readers with similar problems can benefit from this. And happy new year to you as well.

Basically I increased the cpu temperature limit which has the ability to shut down the pc automatically if a certain temperature limit is reached.

Maybe you should take a look at the CPU fan and heatsink. You haven't solved a problem. You just bypassed a shutdown. Problem is CPU's temp going up on, what you described, low-end game. My money is on the dirty heatsink and dying fan.

How do you change the Bios temperature so it doesnt shut down?

How do you change the Bios temperature so it doesnt shut down?

Those temperature settings are there to protect the CPU from overheating, if you are exceeding those limits then you need to address the problem. As Chacky wrote this just bypasses the problem, you run the risk of overheating the CPU and damaging it.

What would be a suitable temperature to put the limit to? And where can you adjust this limit on the BIOS because I cannot find it myself.

CPU's usual high limit is 70 °C, but the temp. shouldn't exceed 50 °C while idle. BIOS layout differs from model to model. Sometimes it is under "power management" or "hardware monitoring" menu. Sometimes it is under the general "Advanced settings". Maybe if you post the motherboard model and BIOS manufacturer (Award or AMI) I could give you specific location of the temp.

Mine is usually around 40 degrees for CPU but Im thinking that maybe my shut down settings have changed somehow that make it shut down at 50 degrees or something so im trying to find out. My mobo is ASRock and im findin out BIOS now.

Edit: Its AMI

And the mobo model is.....? (Asrock xxxxxxxx)

I've browsed trough the some Asrock mobo manual, and all I see is ability to enable or disable the CPU Quiet fan (Cool'n'Quiet thingie) at H/W Monitor. Setting the temp. threshold is not mentioned, so I guess it is not an option there. Maybe newer BIOS offers that option, but that is a stretch. My only advice to you is to get some serious CPU cooling solution. If you already have some Zalman or Thermaltake, then the installation of the fan is in question there. Remember that the thermal paste film must be THIN and the heatsink must be TIGHT.

Would taking off the pc cover make a difference?

It would be a (necessary) first step only if there is no warranty label on the cover that says "warranty void if this label is damaged".

I take that this is not custom made desktop. Maybe your best solution is to use the warranty to get your shut-down problem fixed by people (usually the same people that sold you the desktop) that are obligated to fix non-working desktops (your's qualify as one if it shuts down for no reason).

If not, you will have to take the cover off and clean the heatsink and CPU fan. Also inspect for any noise coming from the fan. If you can hear the noise, it will need replacing. That's where the "serious cooling solution" comes in handy. They are cheap and make great job with cooling the CPU. Much better than the retail ones.

Is 46 degrees bad for a CPU?

To give you a picture of how it should be:

I have AMD Athlon64 3700+ (working at 2200 MHz) and Thermaltake Golden Orb II fan and heatsink. Idle temperature (I'm reading it now) is 34 °C. If the heatsink and fan were retail, the temp would be ~10 more, so I guess that your 46 °C is within acceptable limits for a idle temp.

I'm starting to suspect the temperature diode. Either it is reading the temperature wrong, or there is separate diode for shutdown that is being triggered at the wrong temperature (50°C right?). I suggest that you use the warranty on CPU (if it is custom made) or whole desktop (OEM).

If your warranty has expired, only permanent solution (except replacing the CPU) would be to install big 'n bad CPU fan and heatsink. (no more than $30). That would keep your CPU's temp. 10 °C lower than it is now, so the shutdowns wouldn't occur or they would be infrequent.

Well my friend actually told me it might be the diode so he's going to have a look. If it is the diode can it easily be replaced without losing mobo/processor?

I'm afraid not. It is embedded in the CPU. If the CPU's warranty hasn't expired, you can replace the CPU without expenses.

Could it be shutting down because I have SP1?

Possible. That is fairly easy to rule out. Just install SP2 (that is, if it doesn't shut down while installing it).

Hmmm I have but it still happens. My mums friend who is a pc expert says its probably to do with graphics card because it shuts down when streaming video or playing games.

That is not hard to rule out either.
You should check if the fan and heatsink of your VGA is clogged with dust. (or spinning at all)

For that kind of shutdown to happen you need to be playing heavy 3D stuff. My VGA slows down when it reaches 115 °C (GeForce 7800 GT) but it never goes above 60 °C. That might be because of the technology used to make 7800 and the fact that I got NV Silencer instead of the retail heatsink-fan, but, nevertheless 115 °C is fairly high temp to reach just by streaming video.

plsst help me my pc is been automatically shutdown when i'm playing games what i will do 2 fix it?

but i just clean the fan in video card but when i turn it on and i play game in 15mins. it suddenly shut down what i will do plsss help me guys

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