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One user has no items listed in the Sent folder. This incident happened after the local eletric supply blacked us out three times a couple of days ago. The user was in Outlook 2007 and was about to send an email. The email is in the Outbox. The owner has tried to run the Inbox Repair Tool but it can't find the C Drive. The PC has two hard drives set up as a RAID Mirror. Disk Management reports the RAID as Drive E. I tried to change the drive to C: but received an improper parmeter.

Windows can run just fine with the drive being E: I don't want to repeat why this is but I have encountered folk that think this needs fixing (it doesn't.)

As to the no items listed, it's either the VIEW is set to something other than all or the owner is just now learning that backups are not optional. As to the RAID Mirror you'll find that mirrors in real time and is no backup. I find owners of such have false confidence because they have RAID Mirrors and they get to learn the lessons first hand. That's not unusual but hard the first or next time.

Hi rprofitt

Thanks. If the only drive on the PC is not labelled C then software that is designed to amend errors in Outlook etc can not work, as I have mentioned in my OP. The RAID has provided some security in that in the case of a hard drive failure data is not lost (I have mentioned it as it might be implicated in solving the issue). I have replaced a failed drive on this and other PCs. My main PC has had two replacement hard drives since I bought it in 2005 - but not the hard drive which is not in a RAID. I agree with you though as to the necessity to create backups, but in this issue the user cannot run software that could hopefully repair his Microsoft Outlook 2007 personal data file.

And here is where we disagree. Windows, Outlook can run fine with the main drive on E: now if there is a RAID failure you have to know which RAID they used and use it's recovery systems. A true RAID mirror is simple to correct. Just move the working drive to the other connection and carry on. But Windows Raid mirror is a bast__d job where the boot area is on one drive and the rest is mirrored. NEVER deploy that. NEVER.

There are spammers ready to shovel their repair tools and I think they are scum.

You made no mention of the View in Outlook. That tells me you need to go learn about that.

Let me restate the issue. There is nothing wrong with the RAID it is healthy. The issue is that it is labelled as drive letter E. I have tried to change the drive letter to C but I get "The Parameter is incorrect".

The Inboxrepair tool cannot function as it requires access to the C drive. The user has already had an error message when trying to access Sent Items. Your observation on altering/checking View is not applicable, perhaps you thought that the Sent Items folder was not visible, the issue is it is empty -due to corruption hence Microsoft's advice to use the Inboxrepair tool. But Microsoft have discontinued support for Outlook 2007.

Let's number a few problems.

  1. I can't find the "error message" you are asking about. So you've left me without that or I've just missed where you shared that.

  2. If there is an issue with the inboxrepair tool, you take it back to the author. There are common spams about such things and they are scum. How many times do folk need to find this out is a mystery.

  3. There is zero issues with the PST or such being on drive E. Why you get an error message needs to be looked at. But without that error message I'm left with only what's been revealed so far.

  4. If you do manage to change the array to C: you would break so many other things that Outlook problems would be the least of your worries. In other words, no seasoned IT person would do this.
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