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I didnt't know where to post a thread on this topic so I just randomly selcted this area. Well, I just got new speakers and headset/mic cause I thought my mic and speakers was causing this humming sound when I used my mic. But I found out that when I unpluged my mic when I was testing it on "Teamspeak" (Gaming Conversation program thing" that it wasnt the mic that was causing the humming problem; its something else. I still got the humming sound when i unpluged the mic, which was wierd. Then afterwards, I moved the wires in the back of my computer and it makes more of a noise when i do that...

Does anyone know what the problem could be? cause i'm out of ideas and this computer is almost a year old and I dont think it would be the sound card..

Jon Fredricks

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Ok I think I found out the problem now. I had my recording settings shown as PC Camra and that was casuing the humming noise. I only have a few three settings to choose from "autio rear input" "front pink jack", and "front green jack". I want to change the settings so I can choose back pink jack but there is no option there. Can anyone tell me what to do so I can have the correct settings.

Thank You


It seems like your wires are getting interference from one another (hence it getting worse when ya moved it).

Try testing it with Windows' built in sound recorder (start>Programs>Accessories>entertainment?)

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