I am looking to buy a motherboard and I'm looking for lots of USB and sata ports, it should fit in this case -> item# N82E16811146077 on newegg.com and will work well with Linux for my main desktop, and a windows and SeamOS drives as well for gaming? Will this motherboard be decent for gaming should the urge take me? Any concerns with Linux? And will it not take an AMD processor? Thanks all. Motherboard -> item# N82E16813132835R on newegg.com Thanks for the help.

This mobo seems to an intel processor tuned device - no mention of AMD support. It seems to run a core i7 processor, so games should be good on it, especially if you get one of the recommended nVidia video processors. Has a good sound system built in. It says it supports Windows 7-10, though I imagine it will handle Linux as well. Lots of sata ports and USB 3.1 ports. Anyway, Linux is the only open question here. You may want to contact newegg.com about that, or check on the Asus web site.

Thanks. Any other motherboard your would recomnd that meets this criteria? I do need lots of sata ports for a lot of hard drives and I would prefer to over more than 4 USB ports as well but that's not as important as the sata ports. Thanks again.

Asus boards are of good quality. Myself, I like Intel mobos, but they are quite a bit more expensive. I purchased a dual core mobo from them in 2007 for my server, which is still functional though I had to replace the nVidia card a couple of years ago when it died. Everything else works great now, 10 years later!