i have a kiosak in my office.there is the display problem in it. showing no signal.but cpu fan and smps fan is working well.and i have chacked RAM and graphic card,its working fine.
plz tell me what is the problem.???

While having a broken machine is a pain, kiosks can be custom things and you have to get with its maker to see what spares and manuals they have.

But you tested some of the parts. What parts didn't you test? It's likely one of those parts.

Likely a power supply issue. Modern mother boards have 12v and 5v inputs, but usually one is inadequate (usually the 5v) for the load it needs to support. They don't fail immediately, but when they go, time to get a new PSU. This has happened to me in the past. My multi-meter found the problem in about 2 minutes.

commented: Having the right tools and skills for the job. DMMs are not optional in my view. +12