Hi. My laptop dvd, is dead, and I get the error on top. Tried 2 update driveres without any luck. Any ideas??

What does it show for the DVD/CD-ROM in the Device Manager?

Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Device Manager. Go down to the DVD/CD-ROM and click on the box with the + inside, are there any red Xs or yellow triangles with an exclamation marks in them?

Hi. it´s none of the above:) there is a yellow circlewith a sign inside

Sorry . the sign in the yellow circle is apunctuation mark

Sometimes the device gets disabled by itself for some wierd reason. Have you checked in the device manager that the drive is enabled, must be a check box. If not try uninstalling the drivers for the drive and install them again and see if that would work for you.


Hi. My problem is, that I dont have a driver, cause it was preinstalled on my laptop.... And I cant find where 2 download a new... ( i even tried at NEC homepage)

ok, do you have any disks that would have come with the laptop, you d be able to find all the drivers on one of the utility disks. But obviously to locate the drivers u ll have to use another machine and copy the driver fle on a usb drive to install on ur laptop.


Sometimes the drivers will become corrupted, try uninstalling the drive in the Device Manager and rebooting. The drive should be recognized as new hardware and the installation wizard should be able to find native drivers for it.