So I was installing a new SSD in my PC. After doing so, the PC made continuous beeping sound. Then I researched about the problem and came to know that continuous beep is due to CPU. Then I removed the CPU fan, cleaned up the thermal paste, then put the fan back.(NOTE- No thermal paste was on the CPU, I just thought of putting it later i.e after checking if my SSD is working properly).But this time, the PC did not make any noise, there was only flickering of lights and when I connect a USB light, even that flickered. Kindly tell me what is the issue.
Things I've tried- RESET CMOS
Removed all components except CPU,RAM,PSU and tried booting.
Here are my specs-
Intel i5 4440
Gigabyte H97-D3H
Kingston hyperX 8gb RAM
Corsair VS450 PSU

This is what we call The Dead PC. I see you removed most things but one part I rarely see folk remove is the case. Be sure to pull out the mainboard onto cardboard and try it without the case using the bare minimum parts. If those parts don't work you are looking at the bad part or parts.

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