My ps's motherboard is burned and i was just trying to see where or how i would get a motherboard for my TEK 6633 all in one pc. I am from Namibia and noone here is unable to help me.

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Con you put a link in your next post that tells us more about your Tek 6633 All-In-One PC, please?

Which operating system?

Do you make regular back-ups, would it be a problem to lose the data on the hard disk if it was absolutely necessary?

my pc z on, th funs are working but th monitor z blank, th light isnt evn flicking its just on.. What could the problm be?

Lloyd, please start a new thread in this forum.

Victro, please have a look at this motherboard:

iBase MI810

I'm not suggesting that you must buy that motherboard from that seller. But what you must do is to take the motherboard out of your computer and look for anything that might help identify it and the type of memory installed. (there will be a label attached to the memory detailing it's specifications) On the basis of the information you have already provided, your computer uses the Atom N270 processor, which might be embedded. (permanently attached, irremovable).

Please, please, please obey the laws of ESD - Electro Static Discharge. You can kill or dramatically shorten the life of any component or card through mishandling. Have a look at this website, or if you have time, this booklet. (PDF)

To make sure that any new motherboard you buy will be compatible with the rest of the features of your computer's housing, including the physical size and depth of the board, as well as connectors you must compare specifications. If you would like to post any part numbers you find here, or links to photo's, we would be happy to help.

I think I got the same type of pc TEK6633 proline all in one will power up but nothing on the display and at the back is a red and orange led.the red one flashes now and then.but could someone please help me out.Im familiar with a pc box but not this all in one pc help me

Victor, I am having the same one and it's working 100%, loaded with Windows 10 and all applications. You can have it. Contact me.

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