I'm not sure if i'm on the correct forum but i have a problem with a plug and play usb cable.

I have a nokia phone and i also have a dku-5 cable so that i can transfer my contacts from my phone to my computer.

The first time i was told to install the drivers and then attach the cable to the computer so that it can install the new hardware. The first time i attached it, the cable did not install or work properly.

When i cane to uninstall the hardware it did not unistall properly and still bleeps that it is recognoised but does not show and exist in the device manager.

I have reinstalled the drivers and associated the drivers with the add new hardware wizard but at the end of installation it says:

code 10 the device will not start or work properly

I'm not sure why it did not unistall properly?
How to unistall the hardware properly without unistalling it through the device manager as it did not work the first time?
Or how to repair the hardware and make it start.

Please help?? :confused:

Code 10 means that there is an IRQ sharing problem...If there is a way in BIOS for you to change the IRQ used for your USB ports without conflicting them with any other hardware, do it...See how that works for you.