Hi, posted this ages ago and i still have the same problem, whereby now often my IE qwhen it does work, simply freezes after 1 minute of use, i have to shut it down which then causes the star bar not to work otherwise I have the same problems as before!!!:

I know I shouldn't really double post or anything like that but I am desperate!!!!:!: ;)

1. get firefox with the ie view extension
2. only use IE for microsoft updates
3. your post stats problems with explorer.exe which is incorrect explorer.exe runs your desktop enviroment, iexplorer.exe i believe is internet explorer.
4. if possible do a system restore
5. scan with all the different malware programs:
spybot S&D
windows defender
trend micro
I cant see anything from your log that looks like it would be a problem I would also do some virus scans it could be a trojan.