I'm new to the site, so I haven't done too much searching yet, but I appear to have a similar yet different problem than other people here. I have an HP pavilion zd7000 laptop. About 3 months ago my laptop decides to randomly shut down. When I turn it back on, the lcd screen doesn't work. I have it hooked up to an external monitor and it works after a couple of reboot trys. however, every once in a while when I have to restart my computer, the lcd screen works. But then it shuts down a couple of hours later. Now my laptop runs very hot, about 62 - 72 degrees celcius. could I be frying the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard? Or am I just missing something. I know my screen is still good, its not the brightness, and its not my fans. Help me out.

Are you still in your warrantee period?
If so, the simplest solution I can think of would be to give your dealer a ring.

I've been having the same problem with my HP ZV5000us this weekend. This is a recurring problem that happens every 3 mos. My 1 yr warranty is out and when I called them and paid $99, they told me it sounded like a hardware problem, not a software problem and so they couldn't help me. I'm getting pretty desperate. Any solutions?