Computer turns on fine

Windows XP loads and does its thing

Desktop comes up and not all of the icons display correctly: My Docs, My Computer, Outlook and IE don't show as they should

If I try to open any one of them, the cursor changes to show that its working then after about 5 seconds it goes back to normal. Nothing will open.

I have tried to open the control panel, it did eventually after about 6 minutes.

So after HOURS of messing around, trying this that and the other, I decided to cut my losses and re-install Windows XP - easy you would think WRONG!

Tried to install it, it won't run, so I decided to uninstall it first and then try again, so went to control panel (waited 6 mins) uninstalled it, rebooted............its still there!

Basically I want to know whether to give up and go and buy a new hardrive or whether this is worth persevering with?

There are only so many hours in a day before I lose the plot and throw the computer out the door...lol

Any advice would be gladly accepted

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Tried to install it, it won't run

What specifically is the error ? we can't help without specifics, note it down word for word and post it here.

so went to control panel (waited 6 mins) uninstalled it, rebooted

You can't uninstall Windows from the control panel, you need to re-format the drive. But I would try a re-install over the top first because your personal data and settings will be preserved.

I think your best bet is first to boot into safe mode, (after BIOS screen press F8 repeatedly and you get a menu choose safe mode)

Run a full scan with your anti-virus program and anti spyware program

Then run Disk Defregmenter

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