Hi everyone
I hope this is in the correct forum, my appologies if not but I couldn't work out where to post.

Really I just wanted some advice. I have just been given a laptop. I've never owned one before but can see the advantage of having one, especially for nothing.
Obviously being free it's not exactly the latest model.:o
It's an acer Extensa 710T
Pentium II 233MHz processor
3 GB hard disk
Running Windows 95

Now I have it I would like to make the most of it. I understand that upgading the processor in a laptop is generally not feesable is this right?
The RAM can be upgraded to 256 MB fairly cheeply so I was thinking this must be worth doing?
A larger hard disk also sounds sensible.
However it's the OS that I was wondering about. Does anyone think it is worth upgrading to another version of windows? I'm not really sure what it could cope with.

Thanks for any suggestions

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For such a spec, I'd suggest you go up to Windows 98. The lappy won't be able to handle any other OS upward of Windows 98.

Cheers Goldeagle, that's just the kind of tip I wanted. Wasn't sure if Millenium was a good idea.


Are you sure your laptop supports upto 256 mb ram? something tells me 64 at most, but possibly 128... Did you read that online somewhere?

Found details about ram at laptopshop
I've got a download of the manual at work so I'll double check

Just checked the manual. It says 2x64MB DIMMS => 128MB total.
Guess I'll have to check for sure.
Cheers Nizzy

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