I've just bought a stand/sit desk 70cm x 120cm which because of lack of space has to fit almost up against a wall. I need to buy a monitor arm for my 17" monitor and there's room enough for any clamp but not for overhanging arms. So I will need a model that allows the screen to be close to the back wall without any overhang. Either that or a strong monitor arm that I can clamp at the side of the desk and that will have a long reach into the middle of the desk. Any thoughts or recommendations please? BTW I don't want to drill a hole in the desk or use a wall-mounted arm.

My desk is against a wall, I bought a 'Proper' brand dual arm cantilever mount. This clamps to the desk with no overhang, and the screens can be brought forward to the front of the desk if I wanted... Wasn't cheap, but is very sturdy and in the two years I have been using it has not let me down - the movement is still smooth, the hold is still strong.

Can you tell me the make and model please? I may need to have two screens at some point.

. . . and can you raise and lower the monitors easily if I were alternating between sitting and standing? Thanks.

Oooh, the company is actually called Proper. When you said a proper one, I thought you added the word 'proper' just because you're British and you UK folks like that word.

Hehe, I know what you mean. It's an odd company name, and I feel slightly awkward when writing it - hence the inverted commas.

Thanks. It looks good. I was imagining something far more expensive. I've definitely check it out.