My computer (DELL Dimension 4700, with Windows XP Professional OS (SP2 included)) suddenly cannot be started due to "missing or corrupted" HAL.DLL file.

All restart commands, taken from the CONSOLE RECOVERY CD, do NOT appear to work, e.g.:

bootcfg /list states that there are no entries in the current file and

bootcfg /rebuild, although starting to rebuild, stops after a few seconds, saying that there are errors in the file system that need to be removed first by using chkdsk.

STRANGE RESULT: the chkdsk /r command, after having cleaned the files and saying this at the end, does not prevent bootcfg /rebuild from re-iterating its first message, i.e., cannot rebuild due to file errors.


I would hate to lose my Personal Data in the computer and have thus far resisted from reinstalling anew Windows Professional XP.

I would appreciate any answers.

Thank you, fzred

i THINK you can choose to reinstall XP -OVER- your existing instillation. Its likely to be unstable but you should be able to have enough time to back up your files for a ful reinstall