I hate my life I always have errors when I wanna play my games!:sad:
The problem with this game is, I install it and load it up. Working fine...try to log in and BAM!!!
Im back to my desktop like I never even started the program...
This used to happen after dling a map to play on.
Now I dont even know because it wont let me in!
Could this be cause my graphic card is not supported, I have a Radeon ATI X1600!
Is this the problem?
Is their a patch I need to download?
Or is their another cause!?
Please I wanna play this game! :eek:


1. you video card can play a big effect with the running of the game

2. its a GREAT game.

3. if your gonna download any patches DONOT download the 1.3 patch it was not tested by EA.

4. if you downloaded the 1.3 patch already before playing the game you might have made a big mistake becouse that patch is getting worse and worse , i get my game exited occasionally becouse of that problem.

5. download up to 1.22

6. update your graphic card

7. or just reinstall BF2.