my pc is saying when starting up windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt :\windows\system32\config\system

now ive seen loads of offer posts but all of the replys seem to say that you going to need a reboot cd or the origeinal copy but i have been a bit naughty and not had the proper version of windows (pirate copy) soo i tried putting my cd back but no response and ive tried going in and pressing f8 and tried all the options in that window but still im stuck soo can anyone please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im in desprate need as im a very pc kind of person !!!! please help me !!!!:sad:

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I had same problem like you. It was caused by plugging in an USB HD. If you have done the same, you'll need to install (or begin to install) XP on that drive, because your current drive crashes the setup program. (it fails at the same spot as when XP tries to boot. Corrupted registry file(s) do that.)

If you don't hve external HD, you'll need to find/borrow/buy/steal one.
You need it just to get your system going.

The procedure is:

Plug in the HD (or install additional internal HD)
Disable/disconnect the old drive
Install the XP on the other drive (don't have to go all the way)
Enable/connect old drive.
Boot with Setup CD.
Choose R for repair console
Choose new xp installation to log in to.
Find the "windows\system32\config\" folder on your old drive
type "del *.*"
type "exit" or "quit"
reboot and reinstall the windows on your old drive (at this point you don't need the new drive).

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