I don't know if this is best place for this post but here goes anyways. In the near future I will be getting a new computer. I want to turn my old one into a file server. I don't need any fancy features on it but just extra storage space. What is the best OS to run on it? It currently has winXP. Is there special softwere for home users for this or do I just simply set the harddrives in it to share? Also is it at all practicaly to use it as a file server without it being hooked up t a moniter most of the time?

Hey Chris,

Yep, just keep XP, (unless your made of money), no you don't need to keep a monitor on it, (a KVM switch would be useful to save room), and just set up file sharing.

The best thing to do, is to create a seperate partition from your OS, and use that as file storage, (this is has to be achieved by reinstalling Windows).

Create a share, and Map it from your other PC, (My Computer, Tools > Map Network drive).

You need to keep it secure, so if you need help, start a new post in OS - XP - "XP File Sharing - Best methods & Keeping it secure?" so whoever replies can be useful to others.