I would be grateful if anyone can shed any light on this unusual (so I'm told) problem...we just purchased a brand new Dell latitide D620 laptop.
We took it to a client and hooked it up to an overhead projector and it went completely beserk! It wouldn't let us get past the first slide in our powerpoint presentation and when we looked thru the editable slide view in powerpoint it zoomed in so that everything was really large - it did the same thing in excel and word. It was also making a noise as though a key was stuck.
Dell checked it out over the phone and said there was no stuck key and that it must be a software problem - then it stopped doing it.
However, next time we hooked it up to a projector (A different one) it did the same thing....we then tried hooking it up to an external monitor since it's the same port, and the same thing happened.
Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

Hmm, I dunno if this will help, but have you tried messing with the resolution on it?

Have ya tried messing around with some of the Windows Settings? (right click> Properties> Settings)

Hope this helps. ;)