I have been playing WoW recently and me and my friends have been chatting on yahoo. I just turned on my computer today and there was no volume. I am signed into msn and whenever someone signs into msn my comp makes a beep sound. I did some fiddiling around and now I can go into windows media player and listen to music also. I can't mute or turn the volume +/- on my keyboard either. I am at a loss and need help.

EDIT:Not related to the mic every few minutes all of my online contacts in msn quickly open and close.

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Just found out my computer has a virus that sends messages to all of my online contacts on msn telling them to check out the pics of me at myspace. So that is why all of the windows are popping up. Now when I click a link the volume goes through the mics speakers.

I'd post a HJT log in the Virus forum to verify you're clean.


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