Recently, i have been thinking about changing the look and style of my case. I've found some good looking ones but I need to know how and what are the steps of case switching.
Would any of you guys please lend me a site or teach me about case changing?
Thank you

Basically, you could probably google it or find some websites to tell you how to change cases, but its pretty easy to do it yourself. The way that I will describe should work, and I'll try not to leave anything out or mess up on my directions, but I'm just warning you before hand that I don't have any expert knowlodge. First, after you find a case that will work with your hardware, power off the computer and unplug the rear power cord. Unscrew the screws that keep your case closed and open it up so that the parts are visible. Just as a warning, take extreme caution when handling any of computer parts, and ground yourself before touching it so you won't have any static electricity in your body. Or, you could by a static electricity band if you really want to. Disconnect all cords attatched to your motherboard and from all of your other parts too. None of the parts should be attatched to anything else. Remove the cords from the case and set them aside for now. After you finish that, unfasten the locking bar on your old case (if it has one), and unscrew the screws attatching your optical drives, hard drive, floppy drive, etc. Remove those parts and set them aside on a clean surface. Now its time to unscrew the motherboard. Oh, at this point you should probably have a large collection of screws. Keep them in seperate containers and remember what screws what. Okay, to remove the motherboard from the case, make sure that there are no more screws or parts to block the board from coming out. I suggest grabbing onto the expansion slots or the cpu fan to lift the board out. Be very careful not to drop it. Now its time to open the case and kinda repeat these steps backwards. Look at your motherboards documentation to see where everything connects. Also, I'm not sure if you should clear the cmos either, but you could probably find more detailed information somewhere else.

Oh, also, if the new case doesn't include a power supply, which it should, you can either buy another one or move that to. Hope this helps.