Model: Gateway 7405 GX notebook.
symptoms: starts and works fine on battery power, yet not on external power.

This is a recent occurence. It just started yesterday to be exact. Other then the AC adapter being faulty I'm at a loss for explaining this. Although, I fear that the adapter may not be the problem, when I hooked it up to a multimeter it seems fine. I am getting a steady reading of 18.75 volts DC. The adapters output is listed as 18.5 V so this seems to be an indication of proper operation. Another concern I have is that most adapters will put out more voltage then what is listed on the unit so it is possible that the adapter is bad.

With the AC adapter conected, the pc off, and battery removed the AC power LED is lit. When I attempt to start the system sometimes I'll get a flicker of power (power LED turns on monitor flashes) then nothing. Other times the pc will start to boot, the screen will flicker a few times then it will shut down.

Keeping in mind that under battery power all is normal what could be the problem?

Thanks :)

Re: Gateway 7405 GX notebook- starts on battery power but not on the AC adapter... 80 80

Please take what I have to say with a grain of salt, as this totally isn't my domain. However, what would happen if you left the battery in your laptop, and plugged in the AC adapter, leaving the computer off. A little while later, unplug the AC adapter, and boot the computer off of the battery, and see if the AC adapter recharged the battery at all while the computer was off.

Re: Gateway 7405 GX notebook- starts on battery power but not on the AC adapter... 80 80

With the laptop off, Ac adaper connected and battery installed it charges the battery (most of the time). With the laptop on and the same situation as above the battery will lose power occasionally, yet at what seems to be a slower rate. Sometimes it will charge the battery as well.

Heres an example: Earlier I watched as the battery level went from 96% to 100% yet now it is down to 87%. There is definately power there from the adapter but it doesn't seem to be enough to boot the laptop or keep the battery charged. The screen is brighter with the adapter connected and windows power option properties reads current power source: Ac power and battery charging.

I am starting to believe that the problem is the AC adapter yet I'm not sure. It would be difficult for me to find out only because I don't have quick access to another adapter. My only option would be to find a universal adapter with the correct output or order one from Gateway. The former seems to be a problem, no stores in my area seem to carry one, and the latter will take a few days for delivery.

Re: Gateway 7405 GX notebook- starts on battery power but not on the AC adapter... 80 80

Just thought I would post the "fix" for anyone who may have a similiar problem in the future.

The problem was the AC adapter after all. I was able to locate a Comp USA with the appropriate universal Adapter in stock and all is well. Although the original adapter has the appropriate output when testing it on the multimeter I'm sure if I wiggled it around some it would have lost power and saved me the trouble of looking for alternitive possibilities :)

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