Please can anyone help me, I have just built a new PC with an intel 775 530 (3.0 Ghz) and when I start it up the temp. of the CPU sky rockets.

ASUS TA210 Case
Intel 775 530 (3.0 Ghz)
Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe Motherboard
1Gb DDR Dual line RAM
2X SATA 160 GB hard drives (not set in RAID)
DVD writer

I am new to computer building and thus not completely "in the know". When I first switched on this new build it powered up and while I was sorting out my SATA drives it switched off. This happened every time, however the switch off time got short. I looked at my BIOS hardware monitor and watched the CPU temp. rise very fast from 70C to 98C (less then 40 seconds).

I took out the big thing on top fn the processor which I believe is called a heat sink/fan and put it on again. Now it starts from cold at about 40C and over 5-10 minutes the temperature rises to 90-91.5C where it stays.

I then have to ask, is this how hot it should be or is something wrong. I should mention that I turn the computer on and enter the BIOS and then the hardware monitor where I leave the computer with out touching any further keys (this is where the temp. rises, I have not even installed an operating system yet as I fear that the processor might get damaged)

Any advice, tips, sarc. comments please?????


(My room temp is about 23C)

Do you have any case fans in it? it has 2 optional for the side and 2 other optional for the front and back...

If you removed then replaced the heatsink you should have thoroughly cleaned both surfaces and then applied new, high quality thermal transfer paste or compound before refitting it.

You are obviously geting poor heat transfer, and with such a hot-running processor that could get to be a disastrous problem.

See here for some ideas and tiops:

Artic Silver 5 is the best such paste by far, in my view.