I tried searching this forum, but couldn't find any problem quite like mine. I was hoping that someone would know the answer to this problem

I have a Laptop Toshiba Qosmio F10-136 under a year old
Windows XP
All the drivers that came preinstalled (I have looked for updates but there were none)
nVidea GeForce 5700GO graphics card

I was starting up a game and all of a sudden the screen went first black and then some red (reddish) writing raced past the screen (not a chance to see what it said and then it shut off

When I turned the Laptop back on the screen was full of light colored vertical lines. After letting it cool of, thinking that might be the problem, I tried a few times to reboot and same thing kept happening. Then I tried pressing F5 a few times to get display over on my TV and I saw windows booting except it didn't finish (it shut of again before finishing)

I do not have a external monitor other than my TV that I can try, but since it doesn't finish booting, I can't help thinking that it may be more than the monitor

BTW I have two operating systems and same thing happens with both

If someone could please give some guidence to what might be wrong I would be very thankful´


Pauli H


I was able to boot up in safe mode and use systemrestore to go back two days. I am now able to boot up, but I still can't get anything but lines on my Laptopmonitor and the picture on the TV doesn't look quite right. There is a vertical pattern that still displays the picture but is lighter than the normal picture. If I try to move the picture back over to my laptop monitor nothing happens, and I mean nothing. The picture does not even go of the TV screen

Everything that doesn't use any resources still works. I have managed to back up all important files to a external harddisk. I tried to turn on the game to check, but it gets closed before loading with the normal windows error for when things go wrong or nothing happens at all

Thanks for taking the time to read what is slowly becoming a whole article and hopefully someone has a suggestion on some things to try before contacting Toshiba (I think the there is a warranty on the Laptop)

Pauli H

I think i'm having kind of a similar problem. I just got this back from the after-sales service, and it worked fine for like.. 20min before the screen started flashing and then turned into a mixture of colors.

Before taking this to the after-sales service i got that screen with stripes and mixed colors right after turning the computer on, but now the screen stays normal until the moment windows logon screen should appear.
Now i'm also able to get into windows in fail-safe mode, and after removing my graphics card drivers i can get into windows in normal mode, but the crashing begins again in case i install any new drivers for my graphics card.
Broken graphics card? (as the problems appear apparently when the computer tries to start using the 3d-stuff on the card)

Using fujitsu-siemens m3438g (geforce 6800go)

Some things to add

After reading a lot about vertical and horisontal lines on various webpages I have tried moving the lid back and forth bending the screen (a little) uninstalling and reinstallĂ­ng the display driver for the graphics card (official Toshiba supported driver) and nothing has changed at all

I have also talked to the company from whom I purchased the Laptop and they will have a look at it ASAP (There was a guarantee on it) :)

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite M115 two days ago and today that same thing is happening to me. Right after I installed Norton Internet Security and did the reboot thing, it started booting up with those wonderful and annoying vertical color lines. I'll be taking mine back to the store and see what they tell me is wrong with it. I'll post my findings if any.

Good luck all.

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