I've got a Windows 11 laptop but I need to set it up as a dual boot for Windows 10. The only dual boot I've ever done was Linux/Windows, I've never done a dual boot windows/windows. Should I expect any issues? After installing the additional windows 10 will I still be able to access the windows 11 OS? Thanks.

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From what I've experienced I have to install from oldest Windows to newest and leave unpartitioned space for the next Windows. As such I turned to google searches to find tutorials and there are plenty but. You are doing the install backwards and as such it's not a sure thing.

https://www.digitalcitizen.life/dual-boot-windows-10-windows-11/ repeats this install order.

To be clear, I can't help you do it in reverse order but hey, see if anyone has an article for what you asked for.

I'd like to hear more why this is needed. W11 is pretty much a warmed over W10 and now that I know how to have local logins (middle finger to Apple and Microsoft logins) I don't have a problem with Windows 11.

To dual boot Windows 10 and Windows 11 at the same time, you need to take certain preparations: both a legitimate Windows 10 and Windows 11 license. a different Microsoft account for each of the two os. a USB device with a minimum capacity of 8 GB.

I was also eager as i wanted to play my games on window 10(much efficient then window 11)

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