Problem I have with my pc is :-
start windows normally appears on boot up?
It counts down then attempts to boot up windows but the same screen appears 2 to 3 times before boot up windows is successfull. After that I don't have a problem booting up windows, untill I leave my pc switched off for several hours, then the whole cylce I mentioned above happens again?
Any suggestions what the problem is?

Might be worth taking a note of your current bios settings then resetting your bios to their optimal defaults via the 'save' menu.

See if your PC boots correctly. If so, your bios settings were wrong.

Try then changing back each BIOS setting to the settings you noted, one by one and you should find which setting is causing the problem.

I have problem with my computer, when I restart windows start normally. please help me!!!!!!!!!! Okey

Hi gusmaof and welcome to Daniweb,
You have hijacked a thread from Sep 7th, 2006.
Please start your own thread and supply a lot more information on you machine, OS and the problem. The more details you give us the better your chance of getting someone here to be able to assist you..


I have encountered problem which is same with ant34 can anyone give ways to solve this kind of problem?? I'll wait....hope someone give....so that the problem of my computer will be solved...

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